Are you looking for the perfect bridal diamond, the ideal anniversary
diamond, a fabulous family diamond or a memorial diamond immortalizing
love or loss?

Then you have come to the right place!

Make no mistake.
Lab-Created Cultured Diamonds are real diamonds that
are molecularly identical and virtually indistinguishable from naturally
mined diamonds although
debeers would love for you to believe otherwise.

The Unity™ and Trinity™ Life Diamonds:
New Life Diamonds and Gems, LLC and its authorized trade partners are
the ONLY distributors of the trademarked Unity and Trinity Life Diamonds
that are individually created by combining a small sample of hair from two
or more people. Imagine a bridal diamond actually created by combining
mtDNA from both the bride and groom or a diamond created for Mom
on her special day by combining the hair of her husband and all of her

Memorial and Eternity™ Diamonds:
Memorial Diamonds are cultured diamonds created by using human or
animal cremation remains "cremains" and Eternity™ Diamonds  are created
by combining hair (usually from a living person or pet) and "cremains".
Eternity™ Diamonds are becoming very popular among surviving spouses.

We are also the ONLY distributors of both Colored Cultured Life Diamonds
that are created by using the
HPHT process as well as Colored Cultured
Diamonds for the custom jewelry industry created utilizing the CVD

Our mission at New Life Diamonds & Gems, LLC is to try and share the
experience of a new generation of cultured diamonds with the world by
making them affordable to everyone. We understand the meaning of family
and the importance of each diamond purchase. We are proud to offer a
moral, ethical environmentally-friendly alternative without sacrificing
beauty or quality.
Come experience the next generation of Cultured Diamonds!
Memories sometimes fade....But a diamond last forever!
To the next generation of Cultured Diamonds!
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